Foods Having Trans-Fat

We all know that trans-fats are bad for health. Trans-fats raise LDL cholesterol and raise the risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease and cancer. They also enhance the risk of diabetes complications in people having diabetes.

Now let us see the foods that contain tranfats

fried baked cake samosa khari biscuit

The following foods have trans-fats:


Baked items:

Fried Snacks

For health and for disease prevention, shou should avoid all baked and fried snacks and choose to eat natural, fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, unprocessed grain products. Also look for trans-fat on the labels before buying snacks.

What are trans-fats?

While hydrogenating a vegetable oil, the cis configuration of the hydrogen atoms near a double bond gets changed into trans configuration and a good vegetable oil is converted into a bad unhealthy trans-fat. Similar conversion takes place when we fry snacks at more than 150 degrees celcius.

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