Indian Food Nutrition Vitamin, Calorie Chart For Individual Foods

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Quick Tips:

  • It is easier to cut and count carbs than to burn calories by doing exercise and workout.
  • Include Egg whites in diet because there are ony 17 calories in an egg white and no carbohydrates or fat or cholesterol--only protein!.(whole egg calories: 87)
  • Keep a food journal handy. (regularly visit the best nutrition website:
  • Reduce fat from diet to reduce stomach fat.
  • Do regular cardio exercise, arms workouts, thigh workouts and ab crunches to get slim.
  • It is a myth that drinking hot water or honey in the morning reduces weight or belly fat. Hot water (actually warm water will ease constipation! not belly fat!!)

Indian Food Nutrition Chart For Individual Foods

The data is taken from National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India

How to use Indian Nutrition chart software:

Because the food names are in Hindi / Urdu, you have to select the foods with their Indian names for your convenience.