Potassium rich Grains and Cereals (Includes Indian, Hindi Names)

Role of Potassium in human body:

Potassium is nutritionally essential for maintenance of normal health. It is a very important mineral nutrient that keeps us healthy and is required in many physiological processes in the body including nerve conduction, muscle contraction, balance of fluids, production of energy, protein synthesis, regulation of cellular membrane potential. It facilitates cardiovascular functioningc and also plays an important role in conversion of glucose into glycogen and a number of other metabolic processes in the body.

We have to consider the physiology of potassium along with that of sodium, because their roles are opposite to each other in many of these physiological processes. Our muscular cell membranes are able to detect the difference between sodium and potassium ions by difference in their physical and chemical properties. Therefore, the cell membranes can regulate the passage, active pumping or blocking of either of these ions as per requirement in and out of the cells. Why this regulation of sodium and potassium ions is done? Because by doing so the body can regulate the electrical potential across cell membranes of all muscles and nerves. This so called membrane potential facilitates the conduction of pulses across nerves or muscles.

In short, by regulating the ratio of sodium and potassium ions in intra-cellular and extra- cellular fluids, the body is able to a) maintain proper muscle ton of all skeletal and smooth muscles, and b) facilitate the transmission of signals through nerve fibers.

Sources of potassium:

Potassium is found in many fruits and vegetables. These are high in potassium and low in sodium. Consumption of food high in potassium and low in sodium controls hypertension. Green leafy vegetables like spinach (palak, paalak), fenugreek leaves (methi), broccoli and other vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, fruits like mosambi (sweet lime), kharbooja (musk melon), neembu (lemon), tamatar (tomato), kela (bananas) amrood (guava), amla have high potassium levels.

Potassium content in whole grains chart shows: Potassium content of grains with Indian names.

The data is taken from National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India

potassium content of indian Grains and Cereals
Potassium rich grains, fruits and vegetables Potassium
mg/100 g.
Moong (Green Gram) Daal1150
Chavli (Cow Peas)1131
Arhar, Tuar (Bengal Gram) Daal1104
Arhar, Tuar (Bengal Gram)1104
Matki (Moth Beans)1096
Moong (Green Gram) (Whole)843
Chana (Bengal Gram)808
Udad (Black Gram) Daal800
Kulthi (Horse Gram)762
Peas (Dry)725
Chana (Bengal Gram) Daal720
Ragi (Finger Millet)408
Bajra (Pearl Millet)307
Maka (Maize)286
Genhoo (Wheat)284
Poha (Rice Flakes)154
Maida (Refined fluor)130
Rawa, Sooji (Semolina)83

Potassium rich Fruits (Includes Indian, Hindi Names)

Potassium content in Fruits chart shows: Potassium content of fruits with Indian names.

potassium content of fruits
Potassium rich fruits Potassium
mg/100 g.
Mosambi (Sweet Lime)490
Kharabuja (Musk Melon)341
Neembu (Lemon)270
Chikoo (Sapota)269
Alubukhara (Plum)247
Amla (Indian Gooseberry)225
Aam (Mango)205
Kalingad (Water Melon)160
Tamatar (Tomato) 146
Anaar (Pomegranate)133
Pear (Nashpati)96
Peru, Amrood (Guava)91
Kela (Banana)(Ripe)88
Seb (Apple)75
Papita (Papaya)69
Jamun(Jambu Fruit)56
Ananas (Pineapple)37

Potassium rich Vegetables

Potassium content in Vegetables chart shows: Potassium content of vegetables with Indian names.

potassium content of vegetables
Potassium rich VegetablesPotassium
mg/100 g.
Shakarkand (Sweet Potato)393
Saijan ki Phalli (Drumsticks)260
Dhania Patta (Coriander Leaves)256
Aalu (Potato)247
Palak Sabji (Spinach)206
Baingan (Brinjal)200
Karela (Bitter Gourd)152
Mooli (Radish)138
Phool gobhi (Cauliflower)138
Pyaj (Onion)127
Bakla (French Beans) Green120
Gajar (Carrot)108
Bhindi (Lady Finger)103
Dudhi, Louki (Bottle Gourd)87
Kakdi (Cucumber)50
(Toria) Ridge Gourd50
Chukandar (Beet Root)43


Top potassium rich fruits from the USDA database

FruitPotassium mg per 100g % RDA
Dried Apricots120033% RDA
Prunes (Dried Plums)110030% RDA
Dried Zante Currants and Raisins89225% RDA
Dried Persimmons8028% RDA
Dates ( Medjool)69620% RDA
Dried Figs68019% RDA
Tamarind62818% RDA
Dried Coconut54316% RDA
Avocados48514% RDA
Plantains46513% RDA
Dried Apples45013% RDA
Durian43612% RDA
Bananas35810% RDA
Nectarines and Peaches2016% RDA
Mulberries1946% RDA
Sapodillas1936% RDA
Grapes1915% RDA
Oranges 1815% RDA

Top potassium rich foods from the USDA database

FoodMeasurePotassium mg
Squash, butternut, baked1 cup1,248
Spinach, cooked1 cup1,166
Squash, acorn, baked1 cup984
Soybeans, cooked1 cup972
Brussels sprouts, cooked1 cup846
Beans, white navy, cooked1 cup790
Potato, baked1 long782
Beans, red kidney, cooked1 cup629
Halibut, broiled4 oz596
Split peas, cooked1 cup592
Black-eyed peas, cooked1 cup573
Raisins1/4 cup553
Yogurt, plain, low fat1 cup531
Zucchini, cooked, sliced1 cup508
Collards1 cup498
Beet greens, cooked1 cup480
Turkey, light meat, roasted4 oz465
Cod, broiled with butter4 oz460
Flounder, broiled with butter4 oz460
Chicken, light meat, roasted4 oz458
Banana1 medium451
Turkey, dark meat, roasted4 oz450
Turnips, boiled, mashed1 cup432
Shad, baked4 oz428
Milk, skim1 cup426
Broccoli, cooked1 cup414
Tomato juice, canned6 oz413
Milk, low fat 2%1 cup412
Sirloin steak, lean, cooked4 oz409
Mushrooms, sliced, raw1 cup390
Lima beans, immature, cooked1 cup376
Pork, loin chops, lean roasted4 oz373
Milk, whole1 cup370
Orange juice, frozen6 oz354
Beets, cooked, diced, drained1 cup354
Green pepper1349
Sweet potatoes, baked1342
Peas, cooked1 cup314
Ground beef, lean, cooked4 oz305
Eggplant, cooked, diced1 cup300
Tomato1 medium300
Chicken, dark meat, roasted4 oz284
Chuck, choice, lean, cooked4 oz276
Okra, cooked1 cup268
Spinach, raw1 cup259
Tuna, in water, chunk3 oz257
Grapefruit juice6 oz252
Carrot, raw1246
Cabbage, red, raw, shredded1 cup240
Cauliflower, cooked1 cup240
Coleslaw (w/mayonnaise)1 cup239
Orange 1237
Apple juice6 oz222
Almonds, roasted1 oz219
Peanuts, roasted1 oz191
Green beans, cooked1 cup190
Radishes1/2 cup185
Apple1 medium159
Peaches, canned in juice1/2 cup158
Cherries, sweet, raw10152
Corn, cooked1 ear151
Oatmeal, cooked1 cup146
Bread, wheat2 slices144
Lettuce, romaine1 cup143
Celery, raw1 stalk136
Walnuts, English, shelled1 oz128
Ice cream, hard1/2 cup123
Strawberries1/2 cup123
Pineapple, raw1/2 cup113
Plum 1112
Lettuce, iceberg1 cup96
Cottage cheese1/2 cup95
Shredded wheat1 cup87
Blueberries, raw1/2 cup65
Egg1 large65
Bread, white2 slices52
Cheddar cheese1.5 oz.42
Grape juice, frozen6 oz42
Rice, brown1 cup41
Rutabaga, cooked, mashed1 cup1.32