Weight Loss : How to burn belly fat

lhow to lose belly fat

How to lose belly fat is a question that is asked by hundreds of visitors daily. Belly fat or abdominal fat not only de-shapes an otherwise beautiful person but also raises the risk of many metabolic life-threatening diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease etc. It adds an extra burden to the body causing joint pain.

Whatever people on the internet may say , like fast weight loss or quickest way to lose stomach fat, you have to realize one hard fact: You have to take this matter very seriously and do whole-hearted efforts of exercise and diet to reduce stomach fat.

Many people are doing tons of ab crunches daily but are not able to get rid of belly fat. Why? Because for ab muscles to be visible, belly fat should vanish. Belly fat is masking the muscle definition. It won't go away by any amount of ab crunches. spot exercises will not burn spot fat. You should do cardio exercise like cycling, jogging or swimming and most importantly, you should cut down carbs and fat and totally avoid junk food. Here are some tips:

instead of two or three big meals, eating several (5 to 6) smaller meals will help you get rid of belly fat easily and improve your metabolism Start the day with large breakfast and end the day with smallest dinner (may be a cup of milk plus half fruit

Cut down calories in terms of junk food, carbs and fat, add 5 to 10 egg whites and 1 whole egg

Add peeled cucumbers, tomatoes in place of white bread or pasta in your plate. Most veg salads consume more energy to digest than the energy the provide. They are fat burning foods.

Healthy fat doesn't make you fat. Eating moderate amounts of healthy fat actually helps fat loss. You should not eat zero fat foods. You should eat natural fat containing foods like peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, flax seed chutni (Indian flax seed powder with garlic, red chilli, pepper, salt etc.). These nuts and oil seeds have essential fatty acids and flax has omega-6 fatty acid.

Drink plenty of water everyday, because the body works most efficiently when it is sufficiently hydrated. Bodys energy (fat) is used to filter water in the kidneys, thereby burning fat.

Alcohol in any form is empty calories. Zero nutrition, or rather, negative nutrition. If at allyou should drink, consider wine consumption in moderation. (Resveratrol!)

Cardio workouts burn fat. Some good workouts for burning fat include brisk walking, jogging or running, dancing, swimming and outdoor cycling.