Fat Burning or Starvation: Which Is Better?

One question is often asked by our visitors: How much should I do cardio exercise daily so that I can lose 60 pounds (27 Kg.) in a year? Well, if you do simple arithmetic, you will get the answer: x number of situps plus y minutes of cycling plus z hours of walking per day. But if you think practically, this is simply not going to work. People seek extreme (wrong) ways to accomplish their unrealistic goals of weight loss. Unless you strike an optimum balance of aerobic workout and balanced nutritous low calorie unprocessed diet, your weight loss program will not produce the desired results.

The Basics

One thing is obvious: you need calorie deficit to lose weight. This deficit can be achieved in two ways: 1) by burning body fat by doing aerobic exercise and 2) by eating fewer calories. The question is : which one is superior to the other? The quetion is wrong! Because both methods together are better than either one alone.

The Efficiency Of Cardio

It is true that cardio exercise facilitates fat loss without decreasing metabolic rate. It has such an effect on the metabolic activities that the body adopts positively to burn more fat. But the question is whether you should prefer cardio exercise to lose weight (fat) than dieting. (Many comment like this: I am prepared to tonnes of cardio exercise than starving) The answer is no! Proper balance of exercise and nutritous diet is the key to lasting healthy weight loss.

Extreme Cardio Exercise

Overdoing cardio will fatigue your body and cause you to deviate from your goal. Also to burn 1 pound of fat, you have to do cardio for burning 3500 calories. That comes out to be 12 to 14 hours of walking. This shows that cardio (alone) is not the most efficient way of burning calories.

Extreme Diet: Starvation Diet

Cutting calories severely (starvation diet) from your diet does not result in long term weight loss. Also it costs you your health and muscle. After a while the metabolic rate goes down and it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight. Again dieting (alone) is not the most efficient way of cutting calories

The Golden Rule: BALANCE

Aerobic (cardio) exercise along with mild calories deficit balanced diet (C.D.B.D.) with adequate nutrition will help you lose fat in a healthy and long lasting manner, without losing muscle and health.

Which Exercise?

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