Choose your Cardio: Walking

walking to lose weight

Walking is a natural process

There is no other exercise or physical activity more natural than walking and which burns substantial amount of calories. We walk right from our childhood. We learn to walk only once during childhood. Thereafter walking does not require any special training.

You can achieve physical and mental fitness by doing walking exercise.

There are several exercises other than walking which burn calories and keep you fit, but those exercises may be boring for you and you may require extra motivation to do them. Also they may physically strain you. Whereas walking is not at all a boring exercise, it does not tire you and it doesn’t generally require any motivation. Walking doesn’t cause you a single penny (other than the cost of a pair of shoes).

Walking can be done anywhere, anytime.

You can walk around your house in the backyard, playground, garden, road or even indoors. Also you can walk at any convenient time for you: early morning, evening or night!

Walking is suitable for people of all age groups (who are able to walk)

If you don’t have any major problems like arthritis, you can walk irrespective of your age. Even if you are suffering from minor ailments you can walk. Even if you are suffering from diabetes, hypertension, heart-disease you can walk after consultation with your family physician.

Walking is safe.

If you compare with other exercises there are no major risks with walking. Walking is relatively safer exercise.

Walking gives your body a beautiful shape.

Walking burns body fat and strengthen muscles. The result is reduction in fat and strengthening of thigh muscles gives a good shape to the body. Walking makes you slim agile and fit.

When to walk?

For walking, choose the best time available for you. It need not necessarily be in the morning. The most important thing is that you should choose such a time that you should be able to walk regularly and daily or at least 4 to 5 days a week. Also, it does not matter if you can not walk at the same time every day. Like many other exercises, the best time is early in the morning. There are plenty of other reasons for walking for weight loss in the morning. The air is fresh, the temperature may be favorable, the road traffic is less, there is less air pollution and noise pollution and so on!

Where to walk?

In the backyard of your house, on empty roads, ideally on playground or beaches.

What to eat before walking?

Walking with empty stomach is not a standard rule for everybody. You can consume some light (low fat, low sugar/no-sugar) snacks, a little juice or milk. Or a small fruit. People suffering from metabolic disorders like diabetes or heart disease should comply to their dietician's advise.



Walking may not be suitable for people who are :