Benefits of Cycling (Outdoor Bicycle) in India:


Outdoor Bicycle

If losing weight is your objective, and if you are physically fit to do it, cycling has no other match. If you are a moderately busy person and can not afford to give an hour or so for walking, cycling is for you and you can burn equal calories in half time. Apart from weight loss loss, there are immense other benefits of cycling. Therefore it is a very popular exercise. Outdoor cycling can be done alone or with friends in a group. You can enjoy the natural environment outside the urban area, and inhale fresh air into your lungs to your heart's content! Cycling involves major muscles of the legs including the quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles which gives them good strength, shape and size.

Cycling substantially increases your metabolic rate (even upto several hours after you have finished that day's cycling exercise). Raised metabolic rate helps in losing weight even ar rest. Because cycling is a rigorous exercise, it boosts your stamina and strength. It enhances the capacities of your heart and lungs.


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