Jogging Cardio Workout To Lose Abdominal Fat

How Many Calories Do I burn Running or Jogging ?

Jogging: 600 to 800 calories/hour AND Running: 900 to 1400 calories/hour

To burn calories, running or jogging outdoors is the cheapest natural cardio exercise with very high weight loss potential. For losing fat naturally and for reducing fat around waist and belly, jogging is the easiest cardio exercise. It is natural and easily achievable. Jogging outdoor or on a treadmill is equally effective for providing the benefits of fitness and disease prevention. However, many people point out from their experiences that it is more enjoyable especially when it is done in a natural environment.

When and how to jog?

The most important and essential condition for jogging is that you should not do it immediately after meals.Therefore the best time is early in the morning with empty stomach (You can have a little juice or milk). Some believe that you should do it in the early morning because the air has maximum oxygen which argument is not strong enough. There are plenty of other reasons for jogging for weight loss in the morning. The air is fresh, the temperature may be favorable, the road traffic is less, there is less air pollution and noise pollution and so on!

Where to jog?

In the backyard of your house, on empty roads, ideally on playground, garden or beaches. Roads are not the best places for jogging because their surfaces are hard and oftentimes they maybe crowded with people or traffic. The hrd surfaces are nor good for your joints especially if you are above 40 or are having osteoarthritis.

Warming Up

Like many exercises, jogging also requires warming up your body. By warming up you are preparing the body for jogging. Warming up also minimises the risk of injury.Start slow jogging at one place. Strech your limbs. Twist yor body at the waist, neck etc. Once you feel warmed up you can start jogging. Beginners should jog very slowly and for a shorter duration, say for 3 to 5 minute Initially.I n any case you should consult your family physician before starting any cardio exercise including jogging.



Running or jogging is not suitable for people who are :