Hero Kids Bicycles Price List And Features

Cycling For Kids

kid playing bicycleKid playing bicycle

How should you get your little child venture into cycling? It is very important for you as a parent to get engaged with your kid into cycling. First and foremost, even before the child is able to start pedaling, you can engage your child with your bicycle. How? Put a basket around the handlebar and put the child in it and carry him/her around for nearby small rounds. If you want your kids to be passionate about cycling, you should set the example. This will be doubly beneficial:

How a child learns to cycle

When the child grows to about 2 to 3 years of age, or whenever you first feel the need, go and purchase a kid’s bicycle with supporting wheels on both sides. Choose the size of the cycle according to the height of the child.

You may not have to do too much to help the kid, only some initial support and encouragement is enough. But the most important thing to remember

How to choose a child's bicycle size: Use the chart below:

Children's Bicycle Size Chart


Height of the child

Wheel Size
of the bicycle

2 to 5 years 26 to 34 inches12 inches
4 to 8 years 34 to 42 inches16 inches
6 to 9 years 42 to 48 inches18 inches
8 to 12 years 48 to 56 inches20 inches
Teens56 to 62 inches24 inches


Important models of Hero kids bicycle are: Swirl, Wizard, Dinasaur, Krokx, Street Racer, Sun dancer etc.

On this page some of these Hero Bicyles Features and Price are presented. Hero bicycle specifications and prices are as per the Hero Cycles website.

Hero Kids Zone Bicycle Price List, Specifications, and Features

Hero Kids Bicycle Dinosaur 10 T Price: Rs. 2000
Hero Kids Bicycle Blaze 16 T Price: Rs. 2650
Hero Kids Bicycle Shine 16 T Price: Rs. 2650
Hero Kids Bicycle Buddy 14 T Price: Rs. 2970
Hero Kids Bicycle Inferno 16 T Price: Rs. 2970
Hero Kids Bicycle Inferno 16 T Price: Rs. 2970
Hero Kids Bicycle Success 18 T Price: Rs. 3500
Hero Kids Bicycle Swirl 18 T Price: Rs. 3550
Hero Kids Bicycle Wizard 20 T Price: Rs. 3550
Hero Kids Bicycle Sun Dancer 20 T Price: Rs. 3650
Hero Kids Bicycle Street Racer 20 T Price: Rs. 3800
Hero Kids Bicycle Stitch 20 T Price: Rs. 3700
Hero Kids Bicycle Krokx 10 T Price: Rs. 2700

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