How To Ride A Bicycle Properly (Bike Riding Tips)

Correct Cycle Riding Posture

Bicycle riding is a great way not only to lose fat by burning calories, but also an enjoyable sport which enables you to see the outdoors, breathe fresh air, or commute to your work place. Cycling very efficiently reduces belly fat by burning extra calories on your body including abdomial fat

Cycling is a skill which once acquired, can never be forgotten. But before beginning to ride a bike it is necessary to learn the correct techniques.

Important points to consider before starting to ride a bike

Posture and angle

Correct cycling posture is key to avoid injuries and fatigue. Posture for cycle riding is different from sitting, walking or running. The important thing which dictates the most comfortable cycling posture is efficient pedaling. For effective pedaling two things are important for adopting correct riding posture: 1- you should enjoy the act of pedaling and 2- it should not strain your ankles, knees, thighs, back or shoulders.

Inseam For Cycle Riding Posture

The saddle height should be adjusted such that there should be a small bend at the knees. That is, the knees should be some what straight when you push a pedal farthest. Many people wrongly believe that the knee bend should be around 100 degrees when you push the pedal to the extreme, but this will put more load on the knee joints. According to the bike expert Doug Roosa this angle should be between 100 and 130 degrees to which the famous bike designer Keith Bontrager agrees. The position of the handle, saddle, pedal and the relative positioning of the three should be such that your body should be slightly leaned forward with some curve to the spine in order to absorb jerks on the road.

Height and inseam

Actually it is not your height that determines the size of your bicycle. Your inseam is the main parameter which dictates the height and overall size of the cycle.

How to measure your inseam:

To measure your inseam, stand against a wall barefooted. Let a helper hold a card board sheet or something flat vertically between your legs, lightly touching your crotch. Ask the helper to note down the distance between the upper edge of the card board sheet and the floor. This distance is the measure of your inseam.

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