Nutrition In Indian Recipes: Calories in Masala Dosai, Chapathi, Rice, Paratha etc.


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Nutrition chart showing Nutrients in Indian
for 2000 Calories/day intake for healthy men
Country Millions of US dollars per million people


Amount per 1 Glass

Calcium Lemonade nutrition chart for indian diet2.1% of RDA 21 mg
Calories Lemonade nutrition chart for indian diet5.35% of RDA 107 Cal
Carbohydrates Lemonade nutrition chart for indian diet8.57% of RDA 25.7 grams
Fat Lemonade nutrition chart for indian diet0.55% of RDA 0.3 grams
Iron Lemonade nutrition chart for indian diet1.25% of RDA 0.1 mg
Protein Lemonade nutrition chart for indian diet0.54% of RDA 0.3 grams
Thiamine Vitamin B1 Lemonade nutrition chart for indian diet0.02% of RDA 0.01 mg
Vitamin A RAE  Vitamin A nutrition chart for indian diet0 % of RDA 0 µg

Serving Size : 1 Glass



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Indian food recipe

Traditional Indian recipes are very tasty, quite nutritious, many are low in calories and fat if prepared at home. During recent years, the trend of eating out in restaurants is on the rise. The food available there may not be as nutritious and low in fat and calories as that prepered at home. Also the quality of oil may also be questionable. It may not be known whether the restaurant cooks are using oil repeatedly several times. Reusing oil for frying repeatedly will make the recipes unhealthy. It is therefore advisable to make these recipes at home and enjoy!

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